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Amr Diab Academy

Amr Diab Academy has finally launched!

Amr Diab Academy is a skill based singing competition conducted by Amr Diab with YouTube and Google+ 

It will be held every year searching for different talents. The objective of the competition is to uncover talented singers from across the Arab world and beyond

Submission to this competition is free, Just simply log into your YouTube account and upload a video of you singing one of Amr Diab's songs

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before participating in the competition. Click here to read the terms and conditions

The competition is opened to all skilled talents at the age of 18 years old or above and a registered user on YouTube channel

The competition will last for 6 months, submission will take place for two months starting JUNE 2012

For the FIRST TIME IN THE ARAB WORLD , The winner will have the chance to sing ONE SONG LIVE with AMR DIAB at his New Year's Eve concert this year


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كل عام وكل أم بخير وبصحة وسعادة، ربنا يباركلكم في أمهاتكم ويرحم والدتي

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