Amr Diab will be releasing a new summer edition of Ahla W Ahla album produced by Nay for Media

The album will include remixes from some of the original songs of the previously released album

Ahla w Ahla (summer edition) will be available in stores and on iTunes after Ramadan, and you can dial *66# from Vodafone to hear it exclusively before its official release

Amr Diab just released his first Islamic Prayers Album "Mn Asmaa Allah Al Hosna" Produced by Nay for Media

The album contains 20 Islamic Prayers, composed by Amr Diab, Lyrics by Magdy el Naggar and arranged by Osama el Hendy

Nay for media will be releasing the physical album in Egypt and will be available for worldwide online ordering and immediate purchase at
The album is also available on iTunes now

Amr Diab started rehearsing with his band for his new album "Ahla w Ahla" Produced by Nay

Nay has released Amr Diab's New album Ahla W Ahla in all stores available for immediate purchase as well as released on iTunes on April 28th, 2016

Ahla W Ahla was released with its official track order, which was never released before:

1) Rasmaha
2) Ahla W Ahla
3) Maak Alby
4) Amentak
5) La La
6) Aks Baad
7) Habibty
8) Waadtak
9) Ragea
10) Ala Hobak
11) Ana W Enta
12) Omrena Ma Hanergea

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Amr Diab has released his new album "Ahla W Ahla" Produced by Nay on April 25th, 2016 on Vodafone

The album consists of 12 tracks:

Rasmaha, Waadtak, Ala Hobak, Maak Alby, La La, Habibty, Amentak, Ana W Enta, Ahla W Ahla, Ragea, Aks Baad, Omrena Hanergea

The album was released on Vodafone at 8PM on April 25th,2016, and only two hours after the release #AmrDiab was trending number #7 worldwide on Twitter, and trending number #1 in Egypt

The album is expected to be released in Market and on iTunes worldwide on April 28th

Nay for Media has announced that Ahla W Ahla album will be released on Vodafone on April 25th,

‪#‎AmrDiab‬'s official application will make you much closer with the Middle East bestseller star.

Nay has announced the production of Amr Diab's new album on March 15th, 2016.
Amr Diab has signed with Nay for the production of his upcoming album 2016 "Ahla W Ahla"
The album will be pre-released on Vodafone before its official release in market
Ahla W Ahla  consists of 10 songs, and the release date of the album will be announced by Nay
Subscribe now to *22# on Vodafone and join Amr Diab's album service and get exclusive photos and videos of the behind the scenes of the album making

Nay for Media released Al Qahira Music Video - Amr Daib Ft. Mohamed Mounir on February 1st, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Amr Diab's 2016 album will be produced by Nay for Media

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