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AUC Carnival 2012 Coverage

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Amr Diab performed at the AUC on May 12th, during the AUC carnival 2012

The event was organized by Waleed Mansour's company, TALENT W.M, and was considered also another successful event in the series of co-operation with TALENT W.M

Gates opened at 6:00 PM, and DJ Ali & Fila started to perform at 7:00 PM, followed by DJ Klaas

Amr Diab started his performance at 10:45 PM and lasted for more than two hours

Diab started his intro song with Halla Halla, and amazed his fans with many of his old hits like (Kollohom- Youmenhom- Ayam wi beneshha- Bae'd el laialy- Tensa wahda- Adeeny rege'telek- Wi eh ya'ani- Wi less bethebo- Law kan yerdeek- Bae'd el laialy-Amel eh)

Amr Diab tweeted a couple of days before the concert, asking his fans what songs they wish to hear, and he full-filed his promise with all the requested old songs. Diab also thanked his fans after his concert on his twitter account saying, "It was great seeing you all.. and as promised, I sang all the old songs you requested"

Diab was honored by the AUC faculty during the event

Amr Diab also announced a surprise to all his fans on June 1st on Youtube... Stay tuned only on the official website to find more details about the surprise 

Watch the concert photo coverage from here

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إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون، رحم الله الشاعر الكبير عبدالرحمن اﻷبنودي واسكنه فسيح جناته

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