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Amr Diab Academy Press Conference

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Amr Diab attended the Amr Diab Academy press conference for announcing the winners in the first season

The press conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Nile Plaza on Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The conference started at 6:00 PM, with a brief recap of what happened in the academy the past 6 months, then the winners were announced:

Best Male Singer: Mohanad Zoheir, Egypt
Best Female Singer: Wafae Chikki, Morocco

Amr Diab then spoke about the academy and congratulated the winners, and promised them to help them achieve their dreams

The winners will be performing a duet with Amr Diab himself in February 2013 in Cairo

Amr Diab had an exclusive interview with Diab FM, which will be broad-casted on Amr Diab's official Youtube channel on Sunday, February 20th

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