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Fitness September 2012


Get fit with Amr Diab is back after Ramadan!

Get back to fitness after Ramadan, and try to shed those gained kilos from Ramadan

“It is hard maintain my workout schedule during Ramadan, as you do not have enough energy when you are fasting to do your usual workout routine, but I still workout regularly before Iftar during Ramadan. But now am back to my normal workout routine” Says Amr Diab


This month’s workout features Amr Diab’s favorite arm workout, "Bicep- Curls":

Bicep –Curls are always in my daily workout routine, its one of the best workout for arms ” Says Amr Diab

1) Sit on a bench or chair in straight position

2) Grab a dumbbell in each hand

3) Start curling up the weights towards your shoulders without moving your upper arms

4) Squeeze your biceps when you curl it up

5) Slowly lower them again

6) Do three sets, with 10-15 repetitions each set


“I usually carry 12 kilos in each hand, and I do 12 repetitions in 3 sets. But I like curling one arm at a time, so I curl up one arm up, as the other arm comes down” Continued Amr Diab


September’s healthy eating tips directly from Amr Diab:

“A great way to start losing the kilos gained in Ramadan, is by starting a detox program for 3 days” Say Amr Diab

Detoxing your body, is the method of removing all the toxins in your body and giving it a total cleansing. Detoxing has physical and mental benefits to your body

When you are detoxifying your body, you need to stay away from smoking and caffeine

“I don’t drink coffee or smoke, so the detox process is not as hard for me as for people who are used to drink coffee and smoke daily, which by the way are very un-healthy habits” Says Amr Diab

What to Eat during your detox 3-day program:

During the detox program, you can only eat raw fresh vegetables and fruits and drink a lot of water and fresh squeezed fruits with no sugar. You can also have steamed brown rice or boiled potatoes to give you some energy if you are working out

You need to drink atleast 2 liters of water every day

What to avoid during your detox 3-day program:

You need to avoid Red meat, Chicken, Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Butter, Salt and Sugar. You also need to avoid caffeine and smoking

“I usually do the detox 3- day program before any video shooting or a big event I have. Other days I just try to eat as healthy as I can” Continues Amr Diab

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إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون، رحم الله الشاعر الكبير عبدالرحمن اﻷبنودي واسكنه فسيح جناته

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