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Hello Every one,

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It is my honor to put the first blog post in Amr Diab dot net - official community. I've already started this in: kokillennium.com the last year but, I'm always too busy and it is really tough to have the time to share any thing

For the members who've never knew me, I'm Karim El Bawab, 29 years old from Alexandria who has been in Amr Diab websites from 1999. I've started as a member/fan and moved between the websites (Amrdiab.net) to (AmrDiabWorld.com) and vice versa till I became one of the official website founders with my best friend ever (Walid Moustafa).

Now, I am working as a server administrator for all the products of NayforMedia.com (including AmrDiab.net) and a manager for the official community of Amr Diab dot net.

Anyway, I'll do my best to keep this blog on with fresh posts about me, what I love and "hate" too. It is getting too personal and you are getting deeper in K's life

See you next post

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  1. Ahmed.Mahmoud's Avatar
    Beautiful Information Keep the Good Work