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    Angry A very big problem, need some help

    Hi to all,
    I hope that an admin will read my thread because ONLY admins can help.
    I have composed Re7t el 7abayeb and uploaded it then I created a topic :

    Everything is fine, but someone (Ahmed El Masry) edited the title of my thread and write it in arabic! I was writing it correctly : "Amr Diab - Re7t el 7abayeb (Instrumental)"
    and he switched it to : Amr Diab - ΡνάΝάΙ ΗαΝάΗΘνάΘ(Instrumental)
    which contains an error in the title!!
    Honestly, I'm very angry and I don't understand why Ahmed El Masry change the title!!!

    Hope you guys can fix this as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: A very big problem, need some help

    Read the STICKY announcement in all the forum sections and do not blame no one but your self.

    Being -unaware- with the community rules is your fault.

    Thanks Ahmed El Masry for the great job.

    - Closed.

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