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How to Join

Submission checklist:

 Your video must be a song sung officially by Amr Diab. List of eligible songs here

2. Your video must not be more than 5 minutes

3. You must be at least 18 years old

4. Your video was not publicly played before June 1st, 2012

5. You have all necessary and appropriate clearance for your video

6. Your video should be cleared of any kind of logos

7. Its advisable to have the word "amrdiabacademy" in the name of your video before submitting it

8. You are not allowed to speak before, during of after the video. The video must only contain singing content

9. If you fail to submit your video before 31 July, 2012, you are no longer eligible in the competition 

10. You are only allowed to submit ONE video, submitting more than one video from different usernames, will disqualify you from the competition 

11. You must read carefully Terms & Conditions before submitting your video

Simply log into your YouTube account, upload your video singing one of Amr Diab's songs (Note: audio needs to be clear with no distortion)



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