Payment Options


Welcome to Amr Diab Store!

There are three ways to pay in Amr Diab Store:

1) Credit Card

2) Online Credit Card (purchased from any bank)

3) By sending SMS from your mobile (Digital content download only for Egypt residences) 

Credit Card:

We currently accept the following credit cards:

Master card (credit/ debit)

Visa card (credit/ debit)


Credit card purchasers will be directed from Amr Diab official online store to the secured bank's website for payment(Arab African international bank)

Online Credit Card (From any Bank):

Go to your nearest bank and purchase online credit card wihtout regestration, where you will be able to re-fill it anytime when you need to purchase from Amr Diab Store, and you can re-fill it with any amount you wish 

By sending SMS from your mobile:

You can only download digital content by just sending SMS from your mobile to the written short number on each content