Amr Diab attended Saudi Egyptian Night

Amr Diab with Karim Abd El Aziz, Amr Moustafa, Amr Adib and Turk Al Sheikh

Amr Diab attended the first night of the Saudian Egyptian Nights.

The first “Saudian Egyptian Night” event was held at the Cairo Opera House. Saudian superstar Majed Al Mohandes with Egyptian megastars, including Omar Khairat, Reham Abdelhakim, Mohamed Mounir, and Sherine Abd El Wahab, graced the stage, presenting musical masterpieces from their repertoire alongside other renowned artists.

This special event attended by Ms. Nevine El Kelani – Minister of Culture, sponsored by the Saudi General Entertainment Authority in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, marked a significant collaboration between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the cultural sphere. The involvement of Mr. Turk Al Sheikh, a prominent figure in Saudi entertainment, further highlighted the event’s importance and potential to foster stronger ties between the two nations.

The “Layaly Saudia Masrya” event had a special audience from Saudia Arabia, Egypt’s superstars like Yousra, Essad Younis, Karim Abd El Aziz, Sheko, Mona El Shazly, Amal Maher, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, Ramy Adel Emam, Dr. Medhat El Adl, Nelly Kareem, Salah Abd Allah, Ashraf Abd El Baki, Laila Elwy, Elham Shahin, Music producer: Tarek Madkour, Nader Hamdy, and Amr Moustafa.

The Event serves as a testament to the growing cultural exchange between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that such collaborations hold for the future.