Amr Diab in Gala Dinner

Amr Diab with Turki Al Sheikh in Gala Dinner, Ahmed Abo Hashema, Amr Youssef and Ahmed Fahmy

In a historic first, the Egyptian powerhouses Al Ahly and Zamalek clash today in the Egypt Cup final, hosted for the very first time in Saudi Arabia.

The stage was set yesterday with a Gala Dinner hosted by Turk Alsheikh, where Egyptian football legends, sports media stars, and the country’s Youth Minister joined club officials.

Adding star power to the event was the renowned singer Amr Diab, who will also be gracing fans with a pre-match concert tomorrow, before the highly anticipated final. Glimpses of the Gala Dinner and Amr Diab’s visit to a Saudi music studio are already making the rounds online.