Anghami – the new Exclusive home of Amr Diab

Amr Diab on Anghami

Amr Diab is moving to Anghami in an exclusive new partnership with the region’s leading music streaming and entertainment platform.

His entire Nay Label audio and video catalog is now available exclusively on Anghami for the platform’s 75 million registered users to listen to for free. All future releases will also stream exclusively on Anghami.

“I am very excited about this new venture, which will allow me to better connect with my fans and reach new music lovers around the world. I chose Anghami because it’s a global platform that is proudly showcasing Arab culture to the world. I share Anghami’s vision in developing strong local talent and making their voice heard globally,” said Amr. “This partnership doesn’t stop here – it is the beginning of a much bigger strategic collaboration with Anghami; together we will make some noise!” he continued. 

To listen to Amr’s extensive Nay Label audio and video catalog and all upcoming releases for free, download the Anghami app now.