Beirut had a Music Night to Remember

Amr Diab in Beirut 2024

On June 15th, 2024, Beirut witnessed a night of unforgettable music as Amr Diab, the legendary Egyptian singer, graced the Beirut Waterfront Arena stage. This marked Diab’s second concert in a row after 2023’s concert in Lebanon after being away for over a decade, and the excitement was palpable!

For years, fans have eagerly awaited the return of the “Sultan of Egyptian Pop.” The concert buzz had been building for months, with social media abuzz with anticipation [#AmrDiabinLebanon #BeirutSummer2024].

The energy at the venue was electric as thousands of Lebanese and regional fans gathered to sing along to Diab’s greatest hits. The night was a beautiful blend of Diab’s signature smooth vocals, infectious melodies, and pulsating dance tracks. From classic favorites to his latest hits, the setlist catered to every generation of Amr Diab fans.

Diab’s stage presence was undeniable. He interacted with the crowd, his charisma captivated the audience throughout the performance. Supported by talented musicians and dazzling lights, the concert was a visual and auditory spectacle.

You can watch Amr Diab in Beirut’s concert photos in our photos section