Red Concert in Marassi

Marassi 2016

Amr Diab has taken the North Coast by storm this summer after he successfully managed to pull off two fullhouse concerts in two consecutive weeks. Another sell-out concert took place, yet, This time it was witnessed by thousands of attendees who were hosted by Vodafone Red at the most sought-after destination for this year’s summer, Marassi.

This event managaed to bring together all the society’s division with their various interests under one roof for their one shared desire that is, their Love for Amr Diab.

The good commotion that this event has caused is not to be taken slightly and that was due to the well-spread pre-concert advertising on behalf of Vodafone RED, Nay’s first-rate organisation and high-standard implementation; in a successful attempt to provide the audience with the stellar exclusive night they were promised. Not to mention the great deal of professionalism that the organisers of “Promoters” had providing a redcarpet-like night that befits our dear fans. All That in addition to the great attendance of Egypt’s stars and public figures granting that night an earned blaze of publicity.